Fees for 2018-2019

The school year is divided into 3 x 12 week terms (for Monday lessons the term may be shorter to account for bank holidays and fees pro-rata accordingly)
For a 12 week term for 1-to-1 lessons the fee is €288 for 30 minutes,
€415 for 45 minutes,
€530 for 1 hour lessons

for a paired lesson (2 people sharing a lesson for 30 minutes) its €150 per student

For pre-instrumental classes which are usually 3 x 10 week terms and are a group class (c. 8 students maximum)
for 45 minutes, the fee is €110 for x 10 week term per child.

Theory lessons. Fee will be kept to a minimum and based on numbers enrolling.

Ensembles will be expected to contribute an admin fee, based on nos. enrolling.

Please read Terms and Conditions following:
Fees are due at the beginning of the term for the whole term.

If the teacher cannot make a lesson,the student may be given the option of a makeup lesson with the teacher or with a substitute teacher. Lessons falling on bank holidays will be rescheduled, usually after end of term or term length adjusted accordingly.

Payment has to be made for all the classes. After class starts if a student misses a lesson, no refund and no makeup lesson will be given for the missed lesson.

If a student is to be absent we would appreciate you letting the school know.

The School reserves the right to cancel any group course because of insufficient numbers of students. In such a case, fees paid for the balance of the cancelled group course lessons will be refunded.

If a student  wishes to cease lessons before end of term, advanced notice must be given and part of the remaining fees will be

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